1704.032082017-04-11CarilloSandraSchiavoMauro LoPortenEgmontSchieboldCorneliaA novel noncommutative KdV-type equation, its recursion operator, and solitonsmath-ph math.AP math.MP35Q53, 46L55, 37K35http://arxiv.org/licenses/nonexclusive-distrib/1.0/ A noncommutative KdV-type equation is introduced extending the Baecklund chart in [S. Carillo, M. Lo Schiavo, and C. Schiebold, SIGMA 12 (2016)]. This equation, called meta-mKdV here, is linked by Cole-Hopf transformations to the two noncommutative versions of the mKdV equations listed in [P.J. Olver and V.V. Sokolov Commun. Math. Phys. 193 (1998), Theorem 3.6]. For this meta-mKdV, and its mirror counterpart, recursion operators, hierarchies and an explicit solution class are derived.